General Dentistry

We are pleased to offer you and your family the range of dental services you need to enjoy your happiest, healthiest smiles. The team at Cerés Dental Clinic provides care that is tailored to individual needs. General dentistry may involve a number of different treatments, from the prevention of dental problems to the replacement of missing teeth and everything in between.

Tooth fillings

One of the most common problems dentists treat is tooth decay. We work with patients of all ages to teach, demonstrate, and support healthy habits that support strong teeth. When restoration is needed, we use advanced technologies for improved comfort and materials proven to achieve long lasting results. Many people today are choosing more attractive restoration with tooth colored fillings. Composite resin material is incredibly discreet due to a precise color matching process for each patient. Additional benefits to tooth colored fillings include:
  • Composite resin is similar to enamel in its rate of expansion and contraction. As such, the placement of a tooth colored filling into a cavity poses very little risk for fracture later on.
  • Tooth colored fillings can actually strengthen tooth structure. This is from the bonding process that cures composite resin in the tooth.
  • Bonding creates very tight margins through which bacteria cannot re-enter the repaired cavity.

Gum disease treatment

Next to tooth decay, gum disease is the most prevalent dental problem seen by dentists. This condition is normally seen in adults, with the risk for infection increasing with age. One of the benefits of choosing a highly-trained family dentist is the level of understanding that every member of your family receives. Gum disease is not a standard condition across the board; the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment recommendations change from one person to another. Our team works closely with you to determine the best way to manage gum health based on your risk factors, lifestyle habits, and abilities. General dentistry has solutions for your dental concerns. Whether you are in the position to prevent dental disease or need help getting back to a healthier smile, we provide you with appropriate care. Call our Markham dental office to schedule your visit with Dr. Sandeep.