Dental Prosthetics


Crowns and bridges are prosthetics used to repair and replace teeth, restoring function and beauty to the smile. In addition to CEREC same day crowns, Dr. Sandeep performs conventional crown treatment for patients of Cerés Dental Clinic in Markham. Dental crowns Crowns are sometimes called "caps" due to their full coverage over tooth structure. The purpose of a dental crown is to protect a damaged tooth from further injury. This treatment is often the best way to save a tooth and strengthen it to handle the force of biting and chewing. Some of the reasons a crown may be required include:
  • An old, large filling has weakened the overall tooth structure, creating a risk of fracture due to stress.
  • A tooth has become very worn down and is at risk of a significant break.
  • A tooth may become brittle after root canal therapy in which the root is filled. A crown is often the final part of root canal therapy.
  • A tooth is broken in a physical injury.
  • Severe decay has caused extensive damage, significantly weakening a tooth.
  • A crown may also be used to enhance the appearance of a tooth, changing its colour, shape, size, and proportions.
  • Dental bridges The purpose of a dental bridge is different from that of a crown. The crown saves a damaged tooth. The dental bridge is designed for tooth replacement. This prosthetic involves dental crowns, but not in the same role crowns play on their own. In a bridge appliance, crowns are necessary to anchor the artificial tooth into the arch.

Dr. Sandeep provides a variety of crowns and bridges to meet her patients' unique needs. These prosthetics may be fabricated from different materials, such as gold, metal, or non-metal ceramics. Patients are able to confidently select the option best suited to their needs through our discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of various materials. Crowns and bridges that are not made in our office are ordered from experienced ceramists in the Markham area with a high level of workmanship in their craft. Call our office at (289) 554-2100 to schedule your checkup or restorative treatment.


Tooth loss should not mean that you can no longer feel confident in your smile or your ability to speak. At Cerés Dental Clinic, we believe in restoring your confidence and quality of life with a denture designed to fit your unique oral structure.

A healthy smile is one that not only looks good but also feels good and functions optimally. Though it is the beauty of the smile we tend to notice first, there is much more to teeth than their appearance. Teeth that are painful or diseased do not allow you to enjoy the wide variety of foods you may desire. If tooth loss occurs, your ability to chew may be significantly affected and, as a result, your digestive system must work harder to break down foods. Neither of these situations is good for your health or your enjoyment of meals.

With tooth replacement completed at Cerés Dental Clinic, your smile can be fully restored. You can enjoy smiling, laughing, and conversing knowing that your teeth look and feel natural.

Dentures, on their own, are a wonderful option for the restoration of chewing function and attractiveness. Many patients today choose to improve the overall feel of this prosthetic with a few strategically inserted dental implants. With the implant supported denture, it can be affixed to root prosthetics, achieving the most natural degree of stability.

Dr. Sandeep and our team strive for excellence in all that we do. We have completed extensive training in all areas of dental care. When you visit Cerés Dental Clinic to discuss tooth replacement, you will be provided with the details you need to decide the form of treatment most suitable for your goals and expectations.

Restoring your smile with dentures takes only a few visits to Cerés Dental Clinic. Our office is equipped with the latest technology, and Dr. Sandeep incorporates precise measuring techniques to accurately assess the density and height of the jawbone. Our focus is the creation of dentures that fit extremely well and last for many years. At the same time, we want to achieve an appearance that looks at home with your facial features. We are fortunate to have some of the most beautiful dental materials at our disposal to reach our various goals in tooth replacement.

We are aware that your smile is unique and has ongoing needs even after tooth loss. Visit Cerés Dental Clinic for the care your smile deserves.


 For most people tooth loss is far more than a cosmetic concern. It impacts their confidence and quality of life. Dental implants are by far the most advanced solution for any patient seeking an alternative to conventional dental bridges or dentures to replace lost teeth. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or all of your teeth. At Cerés Dental Clinic, getting dental implants done is a team effort between you, Dr. Sandeep and a qualified implantologist.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium fixtures that mimic the natural tooth root. They are surgically placed in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or a bridge. Based on the clinical situation, dental implants are placed either endosteally (within the bone) or sub periosteally (on top of the bone).


Are Dental Implants A Treatment Option For Me?

At Cerés Dental Clinic, we offer several treatment options to you based on your clinical presentation at the initial visit with us. In the ideal scenario, a patient who receives implants has to be in good general and oral health. Quality and quantity of bone within your jaw also plays an important role in determining the type of surgical procedures you would have to undergo to receive a dental implant. We highly encourage patients interested in getting implants to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sandeep.


What Should I Know About the Dental Implant Procedure?

Placement of dental implants is done surgically under local or general anesthesia depending on your individual situation. Depending on the customized treatment plan, single or multiple dental implants will be placed in your jaw. At times, adjunctive procedures such as ridge modification or sinus augmentation may be required prior to the placement of implants. Dr. Sandeep and her staff will closely work with you and a qualified implantologist to make your dental implant journey as comfortable as possible.


How Do I Take Care of My Dental Implants?

Without adequate care, dental implants are at risk of failure due to bone loss from infection around the fixtures. Brushing and flossing your implants is equally important as seeing your dentist for regular periodic professional care. Let us suggest an implant care program tailored to your specific situation.